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Aircraft Hangars


Before selecting the hangar type, it is necessary to check at least 4 basic factors:

Building measurements

In most cases, measurements of the building are determined by available land, hangar purpose and of course, budget. Our buildings are completely tailor-made.

Purpose of the building

Based on your requirements, heating, lighting and specialized hangar doors can be installed. The purpose of the building/hangar also defines your need for insulation and the type of cover; either insulated sandwich-panels or a single or double PVC tarpauline cover. For specific uses, a combination of both cover materials may be the best solution.

Microlocation of the building

Every project is engineered for the specific location of planned installation of the building, as local wind and snow loads are reflected in the demands of the load capacity of the structure. Our buildings are made to withstand over 500kg/m2 and are therefore suitable for any location or climate worldwide.

In addition, already in the design process, compliance with local regulations is taken into account (for example, airport flight control requirements).

Roof shape

The shape of the roof is choosen according to the desired space utilization, the volume needs and the purpose of the building. Usually, this means gabled roof in several shapes.

When you decide to cooperate with us, our project manager will be assisting and guiding you with expert advice throughout the project process, from idea to completion.

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